Trivia Saga Customer Reviews:


Great game... But

I hope this can be played offline too.


Great graphics, characters, questions and a good storyline. Enjoying everything about it so far.

Absolutely love the graphics and premise. It's fun to have a trivia game in rpg style!

Nice game

Its good

Only con is long load times but its fun


I really like this game doing trivia is a very clever idea for a game. Great one

Love it!

This game is so much fun. It has nice graphics and a silly storyline. I just wish some of the questions wouldn't repeat so much.

Love trivia games like this and I wish you would make more games like this one cause there are not many games like this. Keep up the good work!!!

Just started...

However, it seems ok so far

Fun interesting still getting accostumed to.



Have not played for long but so far so good.

Super fun!

So far so great

Good play

Good questions and battle style

Just starting out

This game seems cool so far. Very interesting twist in a classic format. I'll update this review as I get further into the game.


Simple and easy, so far no reason to complain

So good!!

Love it!!!


I love this game

I love it


Awesome nice graphics great trivia

Great game

Awesome game!!!!


Enjoyed this game.

Trivia Saga

I love it even though I'm not playing it yet hahahah lol


This game helps to keep me educated even when I'm not at school.

Great game

Some of the questions are really hard but that actually helps me to get better at what I don't know.

Trivia Saga

Great game you are as powerful as you are smart.



Fun game

Awesome game

Awesome game!!!

Great game!

Must have! Great graphics, nice storyline, good variety of questions. Overall very pleased with this game!

Pretty nice

Its a decent game

Addictive! Remember to create an ID. My old phone broke and I lost all my progress. Like the game enough to start over.

Very good game


I love this game , it is so addictive

Fun little game.

Awesome job

Awesome job guys keep's you thinking and the graphics are excellent keep up the good work

Really fun so far, the princess is entertaining but still a cliché lol